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Supplier Testimonial

I just wanted to say “Thanks” and congratulations on your latest Arc Flash order. As a Distributor Service Specialist you have led the pack in the Cleveland district, and probably the U.S. for Arc Flash services. Your efforts and the efforts of the Winkle Sales team are greatly appreciated.

Gary A. Horvath, Strategic Maintenance Solutions Architect, Cleveland/Pittsburgh
Customer Feedback

Thank you so very much for the kindness and hospitality you and your company offered us at the NASCAR “Need for Speed” weekend. It was great to be a part of the group and meet with everyone on the trip. This was an awesome weekend for me because I met some new friends, reconnected with an old one as well and got to watch my first NASCAR race in person. You guys put on a fantastic weekend that I will never forget.

NASCAR Trip Customer
Customer Testimonial

The professionalism, dedication to detail, cooperativeness, flexibility, and skill from Winkle Electric Co. was NOTHING less than outstanding. I cannot thank you enough for saving my rear - multiple times - and doing so with complete style and grace. It was simply a pleasure working with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.