Division Spotlight: Integrated Industrial Services Division Winkle’s Integrated Industrial Services Division provides Network Services. • Network Documentation • Industrial Network Architectural Design • Network Physical Layer Design/Implementation and much more DIVISION SPOTLIGHT 13 Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity and Manage Capital Investment Winkle’s Industrial Services Division addresses three major categories to assist in maximizing efficiencies and profitability. REDUCING RISK Whether it be the safety of employees and assets or the security of network infrastructure, we have solutions to enhance your programs. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY With the rapid retirement of baby boomers and increasing pricing pressure, increasing productivity is becoming more important than ever. We have training programs in place to analyze and raise the competencies of employees. Staff is also assisted through access to the expertise of our manufacturing partners and a well-trained Winkle-based group of engineers and technicians. MANAGE CAPITAL INVESTMENT Capital expenditures are hard to get. That’s why maximizing existing investments is critical. Planned product lifecycle extensions and migrations, state-of-the-art product repair and manufacturing services, and the Winkle on-site electronic repair hub could be the solution to costly, avoidable purchases. Time is money, and we are dedicated to saving you both! To meet each customer’s unique needs, all of our services are flexible in nature. Give us a call today to see how clients benefit from mixing and matching pieces of existing programs to create a custom strategy to tackle each distinct challenge. To learn more about our services contact us at 330-744-5303 or winkle.com. I winkle.com