COMPANY NEWS 15 In today’s market less than 14% of manufacturers have fully integrated digital solutions. About 75% of today’s plants are more than 20 years old. Two Exabytes of data are generated every year, but is it being used properly? Eventually your competitors, old and new, will be able to integrate automated digital tools. We want our customers to be ready to lead their market and be able to compete in a constantly changing industry. At Winkle Electric Our mission is to be an integral part of our customers’ success. For decades, Winkle has been offering technology and services for our customers to effectively implement IIoT. With our Rockwell trained specialists and a team of degreed electrical engineers, Winkle is now celebrating 75 years of successfully integrating the right solution for our customers. As the IIoT concept gets bigger, we will be here to provide education, expertise and resources. As our customers grow their digital transformation, we will too by investing in the technology, products, services and other resources to better assist our customers. To find out more about how Winkle can help your company integrate IIoT solutions contact your Winkle representative or call us directly at 330-747-3882.