Invest In Your Future In choosing Winkle, not only are you met with dedicated customer service, but you’re also making a sound investment in your future. At Winkle, we are constantly innovating to create the best customer experience possible, and 2019 is no exception. This year, let us ensure the best future possible for your company. Unparalleled Services Winkle is dedicated to preparing our customers for the future and collaborating with them to provide solutions for their unique challenges. With an overall focus on the Industrial Internet of Things, Winkle is increasing our service-based solutions. Winkle is committed to ensuring our customers are planning and purchasing the right technology by offering Installed Base Evaluations, Network Assessments, new Winkle Workshops and more. Winkle Workshops In addition to our traditional training courses, we are now offering professional workshops which cover a variety of technologies that will benefit our customers. Our next workshop is on January 29 and will focus on Ethernet Networks and 5 port lightly managed switches. New! RECEIVE A STRATIX 5 PORT LIGHTLY MANAGED SWITCH! MORE DETAILS >