Solutions by Manufacturer

Winkle Electric sells products... but our specialty is solutions. Below, in alphabetical order, are links to the sites of many of the manufacturers we represent. Nearly all offer solution-related information for organizations facing the same challenges as your own.

Advanced Mirco Controls

  • PLC Modules product catalog of specialty I/O modules
  • Resolver Transducers product catalog of resolver transducers (single & multi-turn, stainless steel, IP67, etc.)
  • Stepper Motor Control product catalog of motion controllers, drives and motors
  • Rotary Shaft Encoders product catalog of rotary shaft encoders (single & multi-turn, stainless steel, IP67, etc.)
  • Stamping Press Controls product catalog of metal press controllers, sensors and accessories
  • Package Controls product catalog of packaging controllers, sensors and accessories
  • Accessories product catalog of accessories (cables, connectors, remote dislays, etc.)
  • PDF Documents directory of downloadable product specification sheets, user manuals, and brochures
  • AMCI Company Brochure overview of company, products and solutions expertise

Aero-Motive Company

  • Product Drawings view product technical drawings on many of Aero-Motive's products
  • Catalogs download product catalogs and ergonomics related specification software programs


  • Catalogs download product catalogs
  • Technical Papers find and download technical papers on power factor correction and related topics


American Polywater

Brad Harrison

Hubbell Bryant

Contact Electronics

Control Concepts

Cooper Wiring Devices

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

  • Cross Reference tool to help find a Crouse-Hinds equivalent to another manufacturer's part number

Daniel Woodhead

Data-Linc Group

Philips Day-Brite Lighting

  • Product Search search products by product family, catalog number, or spec sheet number
  • Photometrix Files download IES formatted photometrix files for Day-Brite fixtures



Eagle Signal




  • Specifier Guide Hoffman's complete product line
  • Construction Catalog all products from Hoffman commercial enclosures and Wireway catalog
  • DataCom Catalog DataCom networking cabinets and racks catalog covers products designed for voice/data networking installers and colocation clients
  • Thermal Management Catalog covers products designed to control temperature, humidity and ventilation in enclosures
  • Price List alphanumeric price list of all Hoffman products
  • Technical Information about Standards (Ratings & Classifications, Association Directory and Wireway Fill Tables), Hazardous Locations (Classification of Hazardous Locations & Solutions Chart). Solar Heat Gain, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Seismic Compatibility Materials and Paint Finishes (Materials, Paint Finishes, and Chemical Resistant Selection Program), Thermal Management (Heat Dissipation, Air Conditioners Sizing & Selection, Heat Exchanger Sizing & Selection, Fan Blowing Sizing & Selection, and Downloadable Thermal Management Software)


  • Lighting Fundamental a training area with information on lighting basics, light sources, photometry, calculations and lighting quality
  • Technical Topics articles and tech notes on a variety of lighting topics
  • Case Histories technical stories on how real life facilities were provided with lighting solutions
  • Design Section tools and related information to assist in creating optimum lighting layouts; includes downloadable PreCala Pro Software, photometries and dimensional line drawings

Leeson Electric

Lithonia Lighting

Phoenix Lighting


Rockwell Software



Sola/Hevi-Duty Worldwide

  • Products enter a transformer part number and find a Sola/ Hevi-Duty cross
  • Technical Support answers to just about any question related to power management. Topics include frequently asked questions on transformers, power conditioning and UPS systems

Time Mark Corp.

Universal Lighting Technologies

Veeder Root