Solutions by Manufacturers

More than a half-century, Winkle Electric has served countless customers as a reseller of top-quality electrical parts and supplies from many of the industry's top manufacturers. But according to Rick Teaberry, President of Winkle Electric, today's customer expects and deserves more. "From the beginning, our business was built on the resale of electrical parts and supplies," says Teaberry. "Of course we'll remain an exceptional reseller, but we'll continue to focus more on service-oriented solutions for our customers. The customers who gain most from their relationships with Winkle Electric are the ones who look to us for ways to improve their efficiency... by reducing operating costs and increasing productivity."

As the electrical parts and supplies industry grows ever more competitive, Winkle Electric continues to focus on ways to provide total solutions for its clients... and less on simple transactions. Winkle leverages its Integrated Solutions division to analyze challenges faced by its customers and formulate programs to assist them in reaching their goals - primarily increasing profitability. This could involve a myriad of approaches, each tailored to the specific needs of the individual customer.

Current initiatives involve training, energy savings, engineering assistance, project management, start-up assistance, communications analysis, parts management or simply applying "lean" automation solutions. These enable our customers to attain long-term, repeatable savings, instead of offering a "quick fix." To learn more about solutions from Winkle Electric, visit the following pages.